Cat Collectible Reference books FOR SALE.

All books are 4 color, velo-bound with plastic covers size 8 inches by 11 inches.

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"Moore Mews On Cat Teapots & Mugs", 75 pages; $19.99

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"Moore Mews on Cat Dolls"; 54 pages; $14.99

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"Moore Mews on Siamese if you Please"; 139 pages; $29.99

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"Peggy's Mews on Black Cats" by Peggy Way; 30 pages. Click here to Preview this book. $15.99

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"Moore Mews On Collecting Maneki Neko Japan's Lucky Cat" $29.99

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"Moore Mews On Cat Dolls Book 2"; 70 pages; $20.00

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"Moore Mews On Wild Cat Collectors Plates 125 pages with 360 color photos.$29.99

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"The Complete Goebel Cat Doll Book" 27 pages of all the information and color photos of the Goebel Cat dolls. $10.00

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"Moore Mews on the Franklin Mint Curio Cabinet Collection reference guide. $10.00

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"Reference Guide to Cat Doll Artist's" 65 pages for $15.00

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All books are 4 color, velo bound with plastic covers size 8 & 1/2" by 11".


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